Brave New World Producties

A new adventure. For us and for Friesland.


Brave New World Producties


Brave New World Productions (BNWP) was founded in January 2019 by two former colleagues from Leeuwarden-Friesland European Cultural Capital 2018 - Claudia Woolgar and Jan van Erve.

The year 2018 was a fantastic cultural year for everyone in Friesland, but it is now behind us and we are looking to the future. What do we want to keep alive in the years leading up to  the cultural capital anniversary in 2028? What we now go on to dream, create and realise must be the on-going proof of how successful LF2018 was.

BNWP wants to be part of the post-2018 movement and our mission is to programme international projects in Friesland with a strong ties to young and new artists in the region, and always in a unique location to reach as broad a public as possible.

Who are we?


Claudia Woolgar 


Claudia Woolgar is co-founder of Brave New World Productions and is the artistic heart behind the organisation.

From 2015 - 2018 she worked as a Co-Artistic Leader and member of the programming team for Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018 European Capital of Culture and was the producer of The Giants from Royal de Luxe.

Her previous positions include: international programmer for Limerick National City of Culture 2014, artistic director and CEO of The Source Arts Centre, and AD & CEO of Kilkenny Arts Festival, an international multi-arts festival, both in Ireland. Before that, Woolgar produced and toured the work of directors such as Rimas Tuminas (Lithuania), Silviu Purcarete (Romania), Lev Dodin (Russia) and Declan Donnellan (UK), and from 1994 - 1997 ran a British-Romanian theater exchange programme, Noroc, including the managing and programming the first British theatre festival in Bucharest.


She has worked in the Caucasus, training young art managers and is an art journalist and theatre critic, with work published in The Spectator, The Guardian, The Times Magazine, The Economist, The European, Plays International, The Stage, The Washington Times Magazine, Theater Ireland and The Irish Times, among others. She also reviewed for BBC Radio Ulster, Kaleidoscope and Radio 2.


Jan van Erve 


Jan van Erve is co-founder of Brave New World Productions and is the business brain of the organisation.

In 2012 he founded his company Van Erve | Sport & Commerce on. Before that he worked for 12 and a half years in the commercial department at SC Heerenveen, where he was commercial director from 2007 to 2012. Through Van Erve | Sport & Commerce he handled a numbers of great projects in the sports' world.


Jan has been involved in the cultural sector since August 2015. From then until December 2018 he was head of partnership and commerce at Leeuwarden-Friesland European Cultural Capital 2018 and responsible for all the sponsor contracts. During this period he remained active in sports, including advising companies in relation to sports sponsorship, and he is a member of the KNKB commerce team (handball) and that of Formula 2 driver, Nyck de Vries.


In January 2019, together with Claudia Woolgar, he founded Brave New World Productions and together they are responsible for their first major production, "Fuerza Bruta".

"Nothing is impossible, it's just potential".

Fuerza Bruta Team


Enno Feenstra


Enno Feenstra, producer, project manager, technical producer: "We can do cool things!"


He was the Technical Producer of the most innovative festival in The Netherlands, Welcome to the Village. He is responsible for the technical production of the Slachtemarathon. And he has been the Production Manager at the Oranjewoud Festival since December 2018. He was also involved with Lân fan Language, Conference of the Birds and many other productions in the 2018 European Capital of Culture year. Enno has a wife and three children and lives in Leeuwarden.

A busy, enthusiastic man who does things he finds cool. The production of Fuerza Bruta has been a new challenge in his agenda since December 2018. 'With the performances of Fuerza Bruta, Leeuwarden will be put on the map again in 2019. At an early stage Fuerza Bruta was embraced by the many parties with whom we collaborate on this project.

I am convinced that with our team we will present a fantastic run of performances in December 2019 which will be remembered for a long time - by our audience, of course, but also by all employees, volunteers and the companies with whom we collaborate.'


Gerrie Visser

Gerrie Visser, thinker and doer, fundraiser


Gerrie Visser is self employed and works in the field of fundraising and subsidies, and as an adviser. She gained her experience working for Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018, and before that as a subsidy specialist for partnerships between governments and small businesses. For LF2018 she coordinated fundraising and in that capacity worked with various cultural makers - writing their plans for specific funds, applying for them and also taking care of the (financial) settlement of applications and other agreements.

Continuing to put Friesland on the map, even after 2018, for residents and visitors - that is certainly an ambition that she has remained comitted to after LF2018. Irrespective of whether this is with local amateurs, national professionals or with international companies. In addition, she works as a project leader for the development of Nature Inclusive Agricultural Projects. She is also responsible for process and financing.

The combination of agriculture and culture does not seem logical, but she will gladly tell you why this is less illogical than it seems. 


Heleen Hofstra

Heleen Hofstra, volunteer manager at Fuerza Bruta

In 2018 Heleen started as a freelancer at Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture as the volunteers' coordinator, culminating in the Giants of Royal de Luxe! Her role was makign connections between volunteers and (community) projects and other cultural organizations. In addition to this she worked at Landgoed Lauswolt in Beetsterzwaag, and since the beginning of this year she has been involved in Common Ground Common Sense, a start-up organisation involving highly experienced cultural professionals in the field of management and hospitality. She initially gained experience in the Karmelklooster in Drachten, where she worked in  as an operational manager and later as a director. - safeguarding a beautiful building for the future together with a team of employees and volunteers gives energy!

"I have great admiration for the courage of my team members in bringing this production to Leeuwarden. "


Afke de Jong

Afke de Jong, special packages and hospitality.

Afke started her training in International Hospitality Management and worked on a self-employed basis in project and event coordination on a number of jobs in sales and hospitality. In 2017 she joined Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture where she took care of the interests of the partners and sponsors, organising various cultural networking meetings and supporting the marketing team in productions.


Now she is co-organizer of various events and sponsor meetings and is in the organisation of Sail Amsterdam 2020. You can find her regularly on the water on a skûtsje, she likes to travel and cannot do without sports in her life!

Everyone who comes to the Fuerza Bruta Festival is a VIP, together with the whole team we want to give this special feeling to every guest. Hospitality comes first! Companies, sponsors and other partners have come to the right place with Afke. She translates the specific wishes of guests into a fantastic evening. As a proud Frisian she didn't think twice when she was asked to get involved in this unique production. The Fuerza Bruta Festival will be a wonderful experience that will also put Leeuwarden on the map in 2019!




Neny, Workshop Co-ordinator and Company Manager, Fuerza Bruta


After several years in the banking sector, Neny moved to the cultural world in 2017, joining Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018.

Alongside her work as Office Manager for the artistic team, she also worked as

Co-ordinator for THE show of 2018: The Giants from Royal de Luxe!


Neny is committed to social issues and organises workshops and information sessions for older people in the deprived neighbourhood of Vrijheidswijk.

"I hope Fuerza Bruta inspires people to dream big and to pursue it too! "

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