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Thanks to our fantastic volunteer team for CARGO Shanghai - Friesland!

You were fantastic!

Thank you for your help, commitment and constant kindness. So nice to work with you -

with some people for the second and even third time!

Harrie, Gertijn, Agnes, Sjoerd, Stephanie,

Alwien, Kees, Coby, Pietsje, Nanne, Oekie & Lieuwe

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers team for Fuerza Bruta!

Always with a smile and a welcoming word. Dedicated, helpful, attentive. Heartfelt thanks.

Thank you. And one more time, thank you.


Harmen, Pietsje, Marike, Oekie, Abdul Hamid, Sippie, Mark, Niloofar, Behzad, Ciska, Simon, Alwien, Nanne, Ike, Ineke, Cor, Zwanet, Judith, Annemieke, Jan, Bert, Tryntsje, Tjerk, Hennie, Mirjam, Sjouke, Coby, Jaap, Elly, Ineke, Stephanie, Marti, Madeleine, Franciscus, Hilda, Johan, Coriena, Bennie, Irma, Anja, Esther, Kitty, Kees, Henk, Suzanne, Siep, Gertijn, Simon, Geertje, Jaap, Carin, Hans Peter, Eddy, Johannes, Sjoerd, Wijnanda, Marianne, Harrie, Bart, Dory, Carla, Jelly, Simon, Clary, Trea, Corina, Yolanda, Agnes, Dora, Dirk, Sjoukje, Peter, Charlotte, Odier, Mahtab, Tishanna, Else-Marijke, Lieuwe, Willem, Dirk, Sjoukje, Koos, Hilde, Tony, Bernadette, Alie, Albert, Maeike, Lutske, Gert, Elena, Lisha, Baudy, Inge, Nynke, Monique, Polina, Wijbe, Mustapha, Marleen, Tietie, Doha and Indresh.

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