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Rimini Protokoll

In 2022 we will present a specially made Frisian version of CARGO within Arcadia, the first legacy triennial.


This special event is co-produced with the German theatre company, Rimini Protokoll and offers the public a unique experience.


CARGO will play from 14th May - 26th June, 2022.


Rimini Protokoll is often described as the inventor of a new form of documentary theatre - the exploration of a theatre with artists who are not professional actors, but experts or specialists from their own field. In other words, they are professionals of theatre in the real world.


The show will be created by local makers, in collaboration with Stefan Kaegi and Jörg Karrenbauer from Rimini Protokoll who are involved in the artistic and local development of CARGO, and we are currently putting the local team together.


The production is specifically made on location, with local drivers as storytellers and the landscape as the set. It is unique to Friesland - a story rooted in the local landscape. And for the audience, the experience is truly unique - they sit in a specially designed truck which is the venue and / or a cinema, as well as a means of transport along various scenes.

This project is made possible by

Search for a bus and truck driver!

In this project the two lead roles are played by two real drivers! We are therefore looking for a driver who has both a truck and a bus driver's licence. We would prefer a foreign (non-Dutch) driver who has worked in the dairy or transport industries (but has permission to drive here) who has a different perspective than the Dutch driver (who has already been found). If you are interested please contact us at

Spreading the call would be much appreciated!