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Privacy & Data Protection

Volunteer Fuerza Bruta / New Faces Project


Brave New World Productions (BNWP) works with New Faces Festival (SOMO) to make our event more inclusive and accessible to newcomers.


In using Google Form for volunteers, you will leave data with Brave New World Productions and SOMO (Society in Motion). We would like to inform you about what personal data we collect, what we do with this personal data and how you can invoke your rights. You can also read which cookies we use and why. BNWP and SOMO respect the privacy of all users of our websites and ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. BNWP and SOMO will not sell your information to third parties.


Your personal data is processed within the European Economic Area. If your personal data is processed outside the European Economic Area, we have taken into account the special conditions that apply to this.


How do we get your data

  • Navigation through the website (concerns anonymous data regarding the use of the site)

  • If you register as a volunteer through products from Google G Suite (such as Google Forms) that are created and managed by us.


Basis of processing

BNWP & SOMO base the use of your personal data on one of the processing bases of the General Data Protection Regulation. Based on this, we process your personal data after we have received your permission.


What do we do with your data

BNWP & SOMO stores and processes your data for the following purposes:


Collecting and analysing statistics

The BNWP & SOMO websites collect your data to improve the websites. This is done with Google Analytics. This data is anonymous and is therefore not connected to your personal data. This includes information such as the pages you view and the time you spend on our site.


Application Volunteer New Faces Project

As a volunteer you provide us with personal information so that we can assess your application. If you do not come to work for us, we will delete this data within 4 weeks of our last contact (unless you give us permission to keep it longer for future vacancies, for example).


If you apply for partners via the New Faces project or directly via BNWP, we will process the following data from you:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Date of birth

  • telephone number

  • E-mail address

  • Possible Work Experience

  • Contact and telephone notes

  • Role preference and data availability

  • T-shirt size

  • Self-assessment language level English & Dutch & Spanish


This may differ per BNWP / New Faces festival / event, but never in such a way that it can be seen as "special data". BNWP & SOMO will never ask about political direction, sexual orientation or religion.


The data is stored on Google G Suite. For this we have agreed to a user agreement that you can read here:
Further additions to Google G Suite compliance can be found here:
Because we work with Google G Suite and pay for this service, your data will not be processed through Google for their own commercial or potential non-commercial purposes.
If you do not come to work for us, we will delete this data after 4 weeks after our last contact, unless we have made another appointment with you.

You are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the data that you provide.

The data is stored in on Google G Suite, which only authorised employees and you have access to.
The data is only shared with the contracted or required third parties, unless we are required to do so, for example through a court order or judgment.
We only record special personal data if this is necessary to meet our legal obligations or if you have given us permission to do so. By "special personal data" we mean data about race, religion or belief, political affiliation, health, sexual life, trade union membership, criminal personal data and / or personal data about unlawful or anti-social behaviour.


The data that Google Analytics collects on the website is anonymous, so not linked to your personal data. This anonymous data is stored for 26 months within Google Analytics. The data is then automatically deleted.



In order to make this website work better and faster and to be able to tailor it to your preferences, we collect certain data regarding your use of this website. This information can be collected by using so-called "cookies". These are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer by the visited webpage. You can disable the use of "cookies" via the settings of your browser.


BNWP & SOMO uses cookies from Google Analytics to collect statistics about the use of the website. This allows us to subsequently improve the website for your convenience. To ensure your privacy, we have entered into a processing agreement with Google, turned off "data sharing" and masked the last octet of the IP address. We do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. The information that Google collects is made anonymous as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not given.

For more information about how Google uses cookies, please refer to this page on the Google website:


Recipients of Data

We sometimes engage third parties to perform services for us that are related to our websites. When we engage third parties, we remain responsible for the processing of your personal data. We make contractual agreements with these third parties regarding the handling of your data so that your privacy is guaranteed.

BNWP & SOMO do not sell your data to third parties and only provide this data if this is necessary for the implementation of our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation. We enter into a processing agreement with companies that process your data on our behalf to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your data. Amsterdam Roots remains responsible for these processes.



The website is hosted by WIX ( Data that you leave on the WIX website ends up in the CMS and thus on the WIX servers. We have entered into a processing agreement with WIX.


Your privacy rights

You have a number of specific rights when it comes to your personal data. This is laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation. We explain to you what rights these are and how you can invoke them.


Access to personal data, the right to rectification and deletion of data
You can always gain insight into the data that we hold about you. To this end, you can submit a written request to BNWP and/or SOMO via / Have you found inaccuracies in the personal data? These can then be improved, supplemented or deleted at your request.


Right to limitation of data processing and the right to object

Under legally determined conditions you can submit a request to have your data processing (temporarily) stopped by us, for example if you question the accuracy of the personal data processed by us or if you believe that the processing is unlawful. If you invoke this, we will immediately stop processing your personal data. In addition, you can invoke the right to object in specific cases where you object to the processing of your personal data.


Right to submit a complaint
Do you think that we do not fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation? We are always open to relevant comments and comments. You can reach us by e-mailing / If the complaint is not handled satisfactorily, you also have the option to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Look at www.autoriteit for more information.


Privacy statement changes

BNWP & SOMO reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement whenever we deem it necessary. This may be the case, for example, in the event of changes in our business activities or in the applicable laws and regulations. We recommend that you regularly consult the privacy statement. The most recent version of the privacy statement can be found on the BNWP / SOMO website.



Do you have questions about our Privacy Statement? Please contact us via

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